Real Estate

Advising you in your Real Estate needs.

The firm provides legal advice and guidance at the negotiation stage and before conducting a transaction, carrying out preliminary legal examinations required by the relevant authorities, institutions and bodies (Land Registry, Israel Land Authority, Housing Companies, Mortgage Registrar, Local Government Engineering Department, and more)

What is considered Land?

The surface and all which is constructed and attached on it. The proprietorship on the land stretches to under the surface and all above it (excluding areal passage).

The assignment of ownership in land is facilitated through an agreed upon transaction as well as registration of the proprietary right at the Office of the Land Register.

Our firm provides the entire scope of legal services associated with real estate transactions such as conducting negotiations, conducting due diligence with regards to the legal and structural status of the real estate before the relevant authorities (e.g., the Office of the Land Register, the Israeli Land Authority, housing companies, tax authorities, the municipal authorities etc.).

Our services also include handling transactions (ownership or lease) for homes, commercial and logistical properties, lots, purchasing properties from foreclosure, urban renewal projects (e.g., TAMA 38), recording proprietary notices in the Official Land Register, registering condominiums, representing in conflicting transactions, etc.

Our Services