Privacy and Data Protection

The unprecedented leap in the development of information technologies has brought forth new ways to collect and process data on persons, such as: Geographic  locations, biometric data as well as other “digital prints” that are collected through means such as web beacons, cookies etc.

The vast majority of corporations, private and public, manage at least one data base which can potentially include information regarding each and every one of us. The huge amount of data collected has economic, political and personal implications which may have substantial effects on our lives.

Under these conditions, Cyber threats such as security breach, hacking attacks and ransomware have grown more and more common and have begun to risk persons, corporations and countries, alike.

Such trends have led to tighten regulations on the collection and processing of data. Legislating acts such as the EU’s GDPR, the state of California’s (USA) CCPA and Israel’s privacy protection regulations (data protection) introduced new responsibilities and liabilities on collectors and processors of data while also granting data subjects (meaning you) with new kinds of personal rights on your data.

Sekler Levi Law Firm advises and closely accompanies you and your business with all that relates to cyber security, data bases, supervision and control on data collection and data processing and much more. We provide the means to prepare and cope with any cyber event, minimize the intrinsic risk in collecting and processing data and curtailing the large expenses that are incurred by data breach.

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